The Techniques Used in Landscape Architecture

Learn about the techniques used in landscape architecture, including computer-aided design programs, mapping software, video editing tools, drones, and car-mounted cameras.

The Techniques Used in Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is a creative field that requires a combination of artistic vision and technical know-how. Once a landscape architect has a concept for a project, they must translate it into a form that others can understand. To do this, they often use computer-aided design (CAD) programs to render the design, as well as graphic and photo manipulation programs to create presentations. It is also important for landscape architects to have basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. In addition to these programs, landscape architects may also use mapping software and video editing tools.

With the help of drones and car-mounted cameras, they can carry out inventories and views from the air and at eye level (depending on local laws). This allows them to review and navigate sites without having to make additional visits. Drones with sensors and accessories such as LiDAR can provide an even more detailed view of the terrain, helping to inventory trees, identify assets for utility companies, and much more.

These tools are not only valuable for landscape design, but also for landscape impact assessments.