How Often Should You Have Your Landscaping Maintained by a Professional Contractor?

Learn how often you should have your landscaping maintained by a professional contractor from Grant & Power Landscaping experts.

How Often Should You Have Your Landscaping Maintained by a Professional Contractor?

It's like the green, tidy welcome carpet for your property. Weekly mowing keeps the grass tidy, eliminates loose weeds and keeps the grass healthy. It's crucial to your curb appeal. In general, we recommend that your landscaper come once or twice a week.

It is generally necessary to mow the grass every one to two weeks to control its length and maintain good health. This is especially true in spring, when grass tends to grow faster. Your landscaper can use a pruner or a weed trimmer to control the length of the grass. Generally, the season for improving lawns is between March and November.

These nine months allow you to develop a program of six or seven visits, since you will have a lawn care professional in your house every four to six weeks to help keep your lawn in optimal condition. During this time, they will also inspect for other problems that you, the property owner, can solve and that could be due to improper practices, such as mowing the lawn or watering. More serious problems, such as lawn diseases, may require the help of a professional to spread the fungicide and prevent the grass from becoming extinct. During the spring, when grass grows rapidly, Level Green mowing equipment shows up weekly.

In July and August, when grass growth slows down, they mow the grass three times a month. The harvest begins in mid-April and continues during the first week of November. Only a landscaping professional can tell you how often you need to rejuvenate your lawn. This is because a lot of factors come into play.

Your specific gardening requirements are not the same as those of other people. You may have a lawn that requires particularly low maintenance. On the other hand, you might have one that requires a significant amount of work and maintenance time. Weather is another important consideration.

If you want to establish a lawn care and rejuvenation program that works best for your outdoor space, you should contact a landscaper who can assess your situation properly. It doesn't matter if you need weekly or monthly rejuvenation work. Your goal should be to do everything possible to promote the health and well-being of your lawn. Your lawn is worth more than the effort.

What lawn care routine do you recommend? If the lawn is full, we recommend five fertilizer and weed control applications per year. Core aeration should be done once every two to three years. In addition, we suggest monitoring the larvae once a year as a preventive measure. Rhine Landscaping has the tools to beautify your garden all year round, so trust us for all your gardening and pool gardening needs.

Here, Grant & Power Landscaping shares how to properly maintain beds and other parts of the landscape. Doug Delano (and Bill Hardy) opened Level Green Landscaping LLC in 2002 to offer reliable commercial landscape maintenance services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. The HOA's ideal gardening schedule also includes visits throughout the year to make improvements and keep the community's landscape healthy and attractive. A landscaping company like ABC Scapes can handle this to save you time, but knowing how often you need your landscaper can be a little confusing.